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Stainless Steel Micro Wire

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Stainless Steel Micro Wire

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Stainless steel micro wire

Production process: Stainless Steel Micro Wire is firstly to draw stainless steel wire from over 0.5 mm to below 0.5 mm by sintered-carbide die. Then the wire below 0.5mm is drawn to the needed diameter by small water tanks.

Wire Diameter: 0.015-0.5mm (the standard minimum diameter is 0.05mm, we can make more finer).

Stainless steel micro wire for textile, also called stainless steel textile wire, is a special kind of stainless steel wire. In the field of textile fabrics, stainless steel micro wire is mainly used in anti-static fabrics, conductive cloth, blended textile fabrics. Shielding fabrics made of 20~25% metal fiber together with synthetic fiber and cotton has good blocking effect on the electromagnetic wave.It is a simple and effective method for preventing pollution of electromagnetic radiation. The fabrics have advantages of wider shielding wave frequency, good air permeability, soft texture, high strength, corrosion resistance, comfortable to wear, convenient to process, and preventing electromagnetic radiation for a long time.
Filter mesh woven by stainless steel micro wire could be used for filtration of strong acid and alkaline chemical compound decomposition, automotive fuel system, pharmaceutical industry, beer brewing, sewage treatment and tap water production, and so on.
Stainless steel micro wire is widely used in rubber industry to make tyre cord and untelescopic pulley belt because of its high strength, high elasticity, good dimensional stability and friction resistance.
Owing to the characteristics of anti-static and high strength, stainless steel micro wire is also used in the filtration of aerospace oil, cable shielding and reinforcing of pressure tubing. Stainless steel micro wire as a new industrial material has penetrated into every corner of social and life. Traditional nylon wire and iron wire is more and more replaced by it because of their obvious defects.


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