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Difference between burr edge and wrapping edge of stainless steel wire mesh

Difference between burr edge and wrapping edge of stainless steel wire mesh

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In the width direction of the stainless steel mesh, or both ends of stainless steel wire mesh, edge processing way is different. Burr edge and wrapping edge are usually the two common types. The wrapping edge refers that the adjacent longitude wire of both mesh ends is connected, and the burr edges is not.
Burr edge stainless steel wire mesh:
Specifications: 10-300 mesh
Width: 0.914-2 m
Edge: burr edge, removing the burr edge when using.
Features: Processing speed is faster, price is relatively cheaper. Generally used for the protection of mechanical operation. Workers need to wear protective gloves to avoid finger being injured. Direct filtration, simple process, good air permeability, stable precision, no leakage, good regeneration performance, faster regeneration speed, conveniently installing, longer service life. The stainless steel filter mesh will not be corroded, pitting corroded, or worn.
Wrapping edge stainless steel wire mesh:
Specifications: 2-3000 mesh
Width: 0.914-1.5 m for spot goods, other widths need to be customized.
Edge: the adjacent longitude wire is wrapped.
Features: Because of thick wire and low mesh, the wire of wrapping edge mesh is not easily to fall off, and with sturdy structure and high safety performance. With good appearance, it is fine material of customized hardware fence and deep processing products. Wrapping edge stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical, construction, machinery accessories, safety guarding, packaging, barbecue, sintering furnace, hardware products, crafts, vibration screens, baskets, food machinery, cooker, wall, highway, railway, infrastructure, classification for solid material, filtration for liquid and slurry, aquaculture and so on.

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