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Usage of stainless steel wire mesh

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Usage of stainless steel wire mesh

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Stainless steel wire mesh will not be rusted in the daily use when pH is about 7. If it is not 7, 304 material maybe the better choice than 201. The cost of 316L material is too high, so it is not necessary, though it can be also used.
Stainless steel is one of the strongest materials in metal materials for construction, so it will not be corroded, pitting corroded, or worn. Owing to its good corrosion resistance, it can permanently maintain the integrity of engineering design. Chromium stainless steel with high mechanical strength and elongation is easy to be manufactured and it can meet the demands of architects and structural designer.                           
Most of requirements are to maintain the original appearance for long time when using stainless steel wire mesh. When stainless steel is the selected material, the main consideration is the required aesthetic standards, the corrosive nature of environment, and the cleaning system. However, many applications are increasingly looking for structural integrity and impermeability. For example, the roof and walls of industrial building. For these applications, the construction cost is more important than aesthetics, so the surface may not be clean.


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