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1. Company Profile


Anping County KangXinLong Hardware Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. has been a leading supplier and manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh for almost 20 years. Originally established in Anping, China in 1998, the quality workmanship and spirit of innovation which defined KangXinLong mesh products then, still hold true today. All kinds of stainless steel wire and stainless steel wire mesh are main products of company. The production base, covering 1000, was located in Anping County West Economic and Technological Development Zone. The production capacity has been up to 200,000per year. A professional technical team, focusing on studying stainless steel wire mesh of new materials and performance has developed.


KangXinLong has achieved the establishment of supply chain in the field of stainless steel wire mesh, filtration and protection field. Now 70% Products were exported to abroad, such as East Asia, South-East Asia, Middle East, US, South America, etc.


2. Company Culture


Advancing with time, striving for excellence, casting high-end brand, leading industry development;


Scientific and technological innovation, science and technology are weapons of innovation, innovation is the soul of enterprise;


Honest service, integrity-based management, enhancing competitiveness of enterprises;


Sustainable development, seeking benefits for employees and creating profits for customers.


3. Company Vision


   Becoming the best supplier in the field of stainless steel wire mesh, filter equipment and protective equipment.


4. Company Equipment Profile


We have 12 wire drawing production lines and dozens of mesh weaving equipments. In order to provide strong guarantee for market demands, lots of money was invested to equipment renovation every year.


Two computer-controlled variable frequency wire cutting machine, a low-speed EDM numerical -controlled wire cutting machine, a high-precision numerical control machine and a electric spark machine are made up of our processing unit.


Advanced and sophisticated testing equipments and tools make excellent quality and potential value of our products when manufactured.
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